Yeah, flashback to how the site was when it was all about Dreamweaver Extensions.

Are you using Dreamweaver CC 2017+? Download Project Seven's Extension Manager in order to install third party extensions, Adobe's Extension Manager no longer works with our extensions.


Helping people find their way to your home! Setup breadcrumb navigation in under a minute with Breadcrumbs. more...

Complete CSS Menu

Complete CSS Menu is a totally tabbed menu system with resizing and scalable text without code changes. The tabs expand according to the size of the text. The menu functions in all current browsers, even in Internet Explorer v5 for Mac and PC. Complete CSS Menu is a joint product of Kaosweaver and TJKDesign. more...


Getting around a web site and back again made easy. Croutons is an extension which will allow the browser to know where they've been and easily get back to where it was they wanted to see again. more...

Expert Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs provide a trail for navigation of the web site. The trail is the location of the file within the site structure. Expert Breadcrumbs has the ability to custom name unfriendly folder names and page titles, has external js and css files, works with templates - either in one or on a templated DWMX page, is standards compliant and can handle starting on any level sub domain. more...

Link Fader

This behavior will fade a link color from the selected start color to the selected end color when the mouse is over the link. It will then fade from the end color back to the start color when the mouse moves off of the link. The effect has been tested in IE v5.5+ and NN v7.x+ as working. It fails gracefully (does nothing) in NN v4.x. more...

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