Our history History

Yes, we've done that. From online ordering to administrative application portals, to informational sites, to data mining, to complex online form calculations - we've done that.


SCG Inc.
2012 - Present

Enterprise level client with data management and online B2C commerce with 2 million visitors monthly.

URB Inc.
2016 - Present

B2B Magento eCommerce website with data porting to backend Visual client.

Unicare Medical
2011 - 2012

Education CBT software. Created a custom CBT system with flexible course creation for compliance to regulatory requirements.

Victory in Soccer
2005 - Present

Charity site, done by us using their graphic resources. We maintain and update the site as asked.

2009 - 2010

Complete site remodel and revamp from legacy code to a framework. Managed transactions, deliverabled between customers and vendors and the payment system.

Farm agriculture clients
2005 - Present

Manage and handle work for a variety of agriculture businesses. From online ordering to administration tools for small farm businesses

California Wine clients
2006 - Present

Manage and handle work for a variety of wineries. From online ordering to administration tools for niche wine producers

Small clients
1998 - Present

We've done one off jobs and small projects for hundreds of clients. We love our small clients!


Code Gods

We love PHP, quick, efficient, economical to serve. From OOP, frameworks and procedural code, we have done and worked with it all.

Code Gods

We think all business is data driven, so we specialize in getting the data foundation right. Data makes the world go round (and bank accounts go up)

Code Demi-Gods

Delivering solid websites ends with how it looks on all screens. That takes a lot of HTML and CSS skill. We've got that.

jQuery & Javascript
Code Gods

JavaScript was our first love, before frameworks, we we coding delicious amounts of JavaScript. jQuery makes JavaScript even better!


We know business - and you should have a team that understands business working for you.