Yeah, flashback to how the site was when it was all about Dreamweaver Extensions.

Are you using Dreamweaver CC 2017+? Download Project Seven's Extension Manager in order to install third party extensions, Adobe's Extension Manager no longer works with our extensions.

Continual Scroller

A series of images that will scroll ... forever!
With just a few clicks, get a scrolling column or row of images on your web page. Link them for further detail or let them scroll for a nice image gallery display. more...

Expert Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs provide a trail for navigation of the web site. The trail is the location of the file within the site structure. Expert Breadcrumbs has the ability to custom name unfriendly folder names and page titles, has external js and css files, works with templates - either in one or on a templated DWMX page, is standards compliant and can handle starting on any level sub domain. more...

Expert Calendar v3

Expert Calendar creates a popup calendar for simple date entry in forms. Expert Calendar utilizes either a new window popup or a layer popup; uses CSS for look and feel; can put the date in a textfield or into three dropdowns; internationalized on language and weekday start; limit date entry by weekday, days in the past or future or days in the past or future from now. Plus even more options, all packed into about 12k of JavaScript making it one of the lightest, most functional script available. more...

Skitter Slideshow

Add this beautiful slideshow to your site with your images in a matter of minutes. No code knowledge needed, in a few steps - your site has a professional slideshow gallery with over 20 different transitional effects! more...

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