The toasted Breadcrumb!

Croutons is an extension which displays the last few pages a visitor has seen and has links for the visitor to go back to where they were before.  When most people think breadcrumbs, they are thinking of what this extension will do (where they've been as opposed to their location to home in the file structure).  The trail's length can be set to your needs, the display can be horizontal or vertical and you can control the delimiters between the horizonal Crouton trail.  It also has the ability to filter out common title content (like your site's name in each title tag on your website)

JavaScript is required.
Uses cookies.

* The demo for Cruotons is to show it tracking all of the Crouton pages you've been to (in the order you visit them)

Croutons Quick Guide:

  1. Load a page from your current site.
  2. Click on the page where you want the trail to be displayed.
  3. Run the Crouton command from the panel under Commands.
  4. Enter the length of trail.
  5. Select the direction of the trail.
  6. Enter the delimiter, if needed, and the Delete from page titles, if needed.
  7. Click OK

"I dreamed a thousand new paths. . . I woke and walked my old one."
Chinese Proverb

Dreamweaver CC download


Dreamweaver CS6 and prior download




$10.00 -

Donations are not required in order to use the product in commerical or personal use. If you've used Croutons and it has saved you time or money and you'd like to thank us, this is what the contribution is for. Thanks.