Expert Breadcrumbs

Industrial strength breadcrumbs!

Expert Breadcrumbs places a navigation element on the page which reflecrts the structure of the site's folders and a path back to home along this folder structure. Expert Breadcrumbs are where you are at in relation to the home page, not where you have been.Centralized JavaScript, loads quicker, easier to update. Centralized CSS for all breadcrumb trails on the site. Control the Page Title displayed on each page. Works for all JavaScript enabled visitors. Integrates in a template easily. Utility to replace folder names with visitor friendly names. Does all of the JavaScript work for you. Saves you time.

Features of Expert Breadcrumbs:

  1. Text or Image delimiters for the trail.
  2. Handles any type of default main page for folders.
  3. CSS Styles for all of the elements in the trail.
  4. Select either normal or reversed display.
  5. Keep the title in line or put it on a new line.

JavaScript is required.
Requires a uniformed named file in each folder (like index.html or default.asp)
See Croutons for a navigation element which is where you have been and not the breadcrumb trail to the home page.

Compared to Breadcrumbs:
Expert Breadcrumbs has these advantages:

  • Centralized JavaScript
  • Centralized CSS
  • A folder utlitiy to rename folders to visitor friendly names
  • The ability to control the page title display per page

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