Complete CSS Menu

A complete CSS only single level menu

Inserts a CSS compliant and accessable top level menu with rollovers without using JavaScript to create the rollover effect. The menu can also handle the text being enlarged without losing the rollover or the background image.

Does not have cascading menus (single menu level).
Fails gracefully for non-css browser.
Non-domain restricted.

Features of Complete CSS Menu:

  1. All CSS, no javascript, wide browser support.
  2. Scalable images in horizontal tabs which enlarge or shrink to match the text size.
  3. Rollover image swap (again, no javascript).
  4. Current page class so the document shows the "current" navigation link
  5. Comes with several images for the menu.
  6. Extension writes the CSS to an external style sheet
  7. The menu items, font, color and tab images are selectable within the extension.
  8. The extension will also read the existing Complete CSS Menu on the page with the options for the menu and allow changes to be made without retyping anything.
  9. Comes with a tutorial and documentation in a pdf.

"What you made is what all the css gurus have tried for a very long time. Congratulations. IMO it's a master piece and a big hand to the css community and everybody else that wants lean mean cross browser css tabs... without any use of javascript or "hacks"."
Kim Kruse