Random and Daily Text

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Random and Daily Text adds dynamic actions to a list of text entries displaying them randomly or daily.

Features of Random and Daily Text:

  1. Displays text in two actions:
    1. Random Text - selects an entry at random and displays it.
    2. Daily Text - selects an entry for the day and displays it to all visitors for that day.
  2. Select the CSS for the output or select the font family, size and color.

Requires JavaScript.
Text entries can include HTML code.
Text entries need to use &quote; for double quotes.

Random and Daily Text Quick Guide

  1. Collect the text entries in a text file (optional, but much easier).
  2. Select the spot on the page where the text will be displayed.
  3. Run the command.
  4. Select the type of action to be used.
  5. Set the font line options or select the CSS.
  6. Enter the text data in the Random Text box (copy and paste from the text file works best)
  7. Click Add to add the entery, Add w/CSS to add the entry wrapped with the CSS style or Add w/Font to use FONT tags.
  8. Repeat Step 7 for all text entries.
  9. Click OK.

"What's the use of a good quotation if you can't change it?"
Doctor Who

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Random and Daily Text

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Random and Daily Text


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