Random Flash Movie

Lightwieght Random Flash!

Random Flash Movie displays one of the entered flash movies on the page, randomly.

Features of Random Flash Movie:

  1. Add individually or by folder.
  2. Works with any .SWF file.
  3. Setting to loop movie.
  4. Setting to include images in the random rotation.
  5. Setup a default image for non-flash enabled viewers.

Requires JavaScript.
Does not include the object update issued by Adobe.

Random Flash Movie Quick Guide

  1. Put all of your .swf files in a folder
  2. Load up the page from your site to insert Random Flash Movie.
  3. Click on the page where you want the effect.
  4. Select Random Flash from the command menu, under Kaosweaver.com.
  5. Click on the folder icon, select the folder with all of your .swfs.
  6. Check of the loop checkbox if you want to make the flash loop.
  7. Click OK.

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