Quick Gallery

The fastest gallery on the web!*

Quick Gallery takes the presentation down to its simplist form and allows the designer to apply their special style to the layout, look and feel. Everything is placed in a pre-laid out table form, the image and caption swapping is setup and the gallery is ready to go in minutes.

Features of Quick Gallery:

  1. Real simple to use.
  2. Manages thumbnails, main images and captions
  3. Outputs the gallery in a table.

Requires JavaScript.
Output is in a table and fixed, images to the left, main image to the right, captions on the bottom. This can be moved after the extension runs.
* Just our opinion, not a statement of fact...

Quick Gallery Quick Guide

  1. Collect the images in folders, one for thumbnails, one for main images.
  2. Select the spot on the page where the gallery will be displayed.
  3. Run the command.
  4. Select the folder icon and add all of the thumbnails.
  5. Select each thumbnail and enter the caption and main image for each.
  6. Click OK.


"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler."
Albert Einstein

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Quick Gallery

Dreamweaver CS6 and prior download

Quick Gallery



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Donations are not required in order to use the product in commerical or personal use. If you've used Quick Gallery and it has saved you time or money and you'd like to thank us, this is what the contribution is for. Thanks.