Pop-n-Slide Gallery

Build it, show it, slide it - all in one extension!

Pop-n-Slide Gallery makes quick work in making a gallery designed to handle pictures and captions easily. With images and captions, the gallery can be deployed in minutes.

Features of Pop-n-Slide Gallery:

  1. Comes with three preset color schemes.
  2. Has a utility to add your own color schemes.
  3. Inserts an on page image for the gallery to launch from.
  4. Editable and allows multiple galleries on the page at the same time.

Requires JavaScript.
Displays in a Popup Window, very restrictive popup blockers will block this popup.
Creates additional pages in the site which need to be uploaded as well.

Pop-n-Slide Gallery Quick Guide

  1. Round up the images in a folder.
  2. Select the spot on the page to put the Pop-n-Slide Gallery.
  3. Run Pop-n-Slide Gallery.
  4. Add images and captions.
  5. Select the color scheme and the image margin.
  6. Give the gallery a name.
  7. Click OK!.

"Creative work is play.
It is free speculation using materials of one's chosen form."
Stephen Nachmanovitch