Paypal Button Creator

Quickly add Paypal to your site!

Paypal Button Creator adds the code from Paypal needed to sell individual items, insert an item into the Paypal Cart or display the Paypal cart on your website.

Features ofPaypal Button Creator:

  1. Inserts three types of buttons, one for individual purchases, one for cart purchases and on to display the cart.
  2. Has entries for all relevant Paypal fields.
  3. Includes the ability to have optional select attached to the product, like size or color for clothing.
  4. Retains settings for company information and preferences for faster data entry.

Requires a Paypal account. (get one here)
Inserts HTML code in the page.
To see an example, it is under the DONATION header to the right ->

Paypal Button Creator Quick Guide

  1. Click on the page where you would like to insert the button.
  2. Run the command.
  3. Select the Button Type.
  4. Enter the product details.
  5. If the customer can buy multiples, select the checkbox for that.
  6. To enter optional item properties (like size or color) enter a label for the select item and then enter the individual items in the Choices box and click on the Add Option button. If you make an error, just ignore it and edit it in the source code when you are done.
  7. Set the Settings tab options for your company and Paypal account.
  8. Click OK.

"Lack of money is the root of all evil."
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Paypal Button Creator

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Paypal Button Creator


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Donations are not required in order to use the product in commerical or personal use. If you've used Paypal Button Creator and it has saved you time or money and you'd like to thank us, this is what the contribution is for. Thanks.