PHP Date and Time

Setup date and time output for PHP in a snap!

PHP Date and Time inserts the PHP code for the date and time as specified so you can have the exact date stamp output you need for your site.

Features of PHP Date and Time:

  1. Totally flexible for any date output you could possibly want. Includes these options:
    • Short day text
    • Long day text
    • Numeric day of week
    • Day of the year
    • Day of the month, leading zero
    • Day of the month
    • Long month name, text
    • Numeric month, leading zero
    • Short month name, text
    • Numeric month
    • Long year, 4 digit
    • Short year, 2 digit
    • Hours, 12 hour clock
    • Hours, 24 hour clock
    • Hours, 12 hour clock, leading zero
    • Hours, 24 hour clock, leading zero
    • Minutes, leading zero
    • Seconds, leading zero
    • Lowercase Ante meridiem and Post meridiem
    • Uppercase Ante meridiem and Post meridiem
    • English ordinal suffix for the day of the month, 2 characters
    • Timezone setting
    • Week of the year, based on Monday start
  2. Prebuilt date picks available for you.
  3. Demonstation of the date prior to actually executing the extension so you can see what you will get.
  4. Optionally, the date can be assinged to a field on the page.

Requires PHP installed and working on the server.
Inserts PHP code in the page.

PHP Date and Time Quick Guide

  1. Click on the page where you would like to insert the date and time.
  2. Run the command.
  3. Select each element and click Add
  4. Enter each delimiter and click Add
  5. Move the elements/delimiters around as needed.
  6. Use the quick picks for quickly adding the default date formats.
  7. If this will be inserted in a field, select the field in Set Field, if not, leave at Not Set.
  8. Click OK.


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PHP Date and Time

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PHP Date and Time