Live Clock

Time keeps on slipping away!

Live clock displays a clock on the web page and updates the clock every second. Optionally, Live Clock can also display the date as well. Complete control over the look of the displayed time and date. You can pick either a 12 hour or 24 hour clock display.

Requires JavaScript.
May require some manual editing of the source code to get the display to work exactly with the page layout.

Live Clock Quick Guide

  1. Click on the page where you would like the clock displayed.
  2. Run the command.
  3. Select font family, size, color and background color.
  4. Check off the 24 hour clock if you want that.
  5. Set any of the date options you want.
  6. The date delimiter is what appears between the date objects, insert spaces if needed.
  7. Select the langauge for the date.
  8. Click OK.

"Time is money."
Benjamin Franklin

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Live Clock

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Live Clock