Insert Prebuilt Selects

Making standard select lists a SNAP!

Insert Prebuilt Selects inserts a select list prepopulated with the required data for default selects.

Features of Insert Prebuilt Selects:

  1. Inserts prebuilt select statements for:
    • Month
    • Date
    • Year
    • Hours
    • Minutes
    • State & Providence
    • County
  2. Allows the insertion of multiple types at once.
  3. Allows the setting of the text and value to common values.
  4. Support multilanguage month inserts.
  5. Support Canada's providences.

Works entirely within Dreamweaver, inserts plain HTML code.

Insert Prebuilt Selects Quick Guide

  1. Click on the spot in the page where you want the select to appear.
  2. Run Insert Prebuilt Selects from the command menu.
  3. Set the order in which the selects will appear, even if it is a single select.
  4. Set the properties for each selected select to appear.
  5. Click OK.


"I don't like the sound of all those lists he's making - it's like taking too many notes at school; you feel you've achieved something when you haven't."
Dodie Smith

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Insert Prebuilt Selects

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Insert Prebuilt Selects