Expert Popup

Open window for your images!

Expert Popup creates a unique popup window for images with controls to manage how the image will be displayed.

Features of Expert Popup:

  1. Select the popup image.
  2. Control the size of the popup with:
    1. Margin controls
    2. Fixed width and height controls
    3. Full screen controls
  3. Set the background color.
  4. Set the poup title.
  5. Control the security of the popup with:
    1. No right click script
    2. Message for the no right click popup
    3. Timer in seconds to close the popup.
    4. Close the popup when it isn't in focus.


JavaScript is required.
Some browsers do not conform to W3C standards and may incorrectly size or display scrollbars on occassion.


"A sudden bold and unexpected question does many times surprise a man and lay him open."
Sir Francis Bacon