Expert Images v2

Industrial strength Dynamic Images!

Expert Images v2 will dynamically place images on the page according to the desired actions. Expert Images v2 will handle multiple actions and multiple image sets for the actions to select images from. Centralized JavaScript - one script for all the actions for a site! Mutliple actions on the page. Multiple image sets to select images from. 49 Page PDF manual. Does all of the JavaScript work for you. Saves you time.

Features of Expert Images v2:

  • Random, Daily, Weekly, Monthy, Date and Cycle Images.
  • Sequential and Random Slideshows with optional popup linking.
  • Fading slideshows
  • Captions for images
  • Clickshow for the image actions - convert an Image action into a manual controlled slideshow.
  • Stop, start forward and start backward slideshow controls.
  • Advanced manual editing of the actions, image sets and even extra functionality for the popup slideshow functionality and slideshow speed controls.
  • Sitewide JavaScript file for ease of use for the image sets and actions.
  • Works within templates or on a templated page.
  • Validates to the w3c standards.
  • MANUAL instruction on pulling the image sets from a database. This requires significant hand coding.

A JavaScript enabled browser is required.
Slideshow images need to be the same dimensions

Compared to Dynamic Images:
Expert Images v2 has these advantages:

  • Multiple actions on a page.
  • Multiple image sets for the actions to select.
  • More actions to pick from.
  • Slideshow actions are linkable.
  • Fading slideshows.
  • Slideshow controls.
  • Captions.
  • Centralized JavaScript.
  • Instructions on using with a database.

"One picture is worth a thousand words."
Fred R. Barnard