Expert Calendar v3

The best date picking tool ever!

Expert Calendar displays a calendar in a popup window or DIV for a date to be selected and then puts the date in a form field or select fields. Amazingly tiny script, 12k. So packed with features, it rivals all other date pickers. Internationalized. 98 Page PDF manual detailing everything in the script. Language expandable for most languages. Does all of the JavaScript work for you. Saves you time.

Features of Expert Calendar:

  • Div layer popup of calendar
  • New window popup of calendar
  • Smart popup selector for legacy browsers
  • CSS styled in either window or layer popup calendars for modern browsers
  • 3 CSS default styles, editable to your own settings
  • Div layer popup position sensing, remains on the page
  • Window popup calendar is either centered or is positioned next to the button/link
  • Date selection can target a form textfield or three select dropdowns
  • Date selection for textfields can be setup to almost any format
  • Language selectable
  • Language utility to enter new languages or edit existing ones
  • Optional settings to do set these features:
    • Start weekday on Sunday or Monday
    • Show the dates on the prior or next month
    • Limit date selection to today or tomorrow to the future
    • Set a limit of selectable days in the future or past
    • Set an exclusion of selectable days from the current date in the future or past
    • Exclude and combination of weekdays from being selected
    • Set the width and height of the popup or layer
    • Set the popup month and year
    • Set either an image or text controls for month and year scrolling
    • Make special date non-selectable
    • Save settings so future calendars will use the defaults
  • Multiple calendars on the page will default to the last selected month/year
  • No mouse controls for the popup calendars – won’t interfere with menu programs
  • All extension settings editable through the behaviors panel
  • CSS settings centrally controlled with one CSS file
  • Works with Cold Fusion form elements
  • Advanced settings allow for calendar to work with buttons instead of textfields or select dropdowns
  • Layer will work over form elements, except select dropdowns in IE on the PC.

JavaScript is required.
Fails gracefully for non-modern browser in a popup window.
Non-domain restricted.


"I've been on a calendar, but never on time."
Marilyn Monroe