Dynamic Text

The evolution of dynamic text continues!

Dynamic Text selects an entry from a list of entries you provide to be displayed on the webage. Sets up an effect in minutes. Works for all visitors. Comes with  two dynamic text actions. Does all of the JavaScript work for you. Saves you time.

Features of Dynamic Text:

  1. Random Text Action - Displays one image selected at random from the list of images entered into the extension.
  2. Daily Text Action - Displays one image selected sequentially from the list of images, shown to all visitors for 24 hours, swapped daily.
  3. Select the CSS to apply to the output.

Requires JavaScript
Fails gracefully for non-JavaScript visitors (shows a default text)
Will pass W3C validation
Requires a modern DOM compliant browser to function.

Dynamic Text Quick Guide:

  1. Load a page from your current site.
  2. Click on the page where you want the action to be placed.
  3. Go to the command menu, select Kaosweaver.com and then the extension.
  4. Select the Action.
  5. Add the text entries by entering them and clicking on the Add button
  6. Select the CSS.
  7. Click OK.

"If you can't annoy somebody, there's little point in writing"
Kingsley Amis

Dreamweaver CC download

Dynamic Text

Dreamweaver CS6 and prior download

Dynamic Text



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Donations are not required in order to use the product in commerical or personal use. If you've used Dynamic Text and it has saved you time or money and you'd like to thank us, this is what the contribution is for. Thanks.