Dynamic Selects

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Dynamic Selects inserts the two select form fields, the options for the first select field and then the javascript to change the second select's options depending on what selection is made on the first select.

Features of Dyanmic Selects:

  1. Inserts select fields for the main and target selects.
  2. Inserts the options for the main select.
  3. Allows entry for the target selects of the text, value and optgroup for each target option.
  4. Connects the main options with the set of options for the target.

Requires JavaScript.
Will pass W3C validation.
Requires a modern DOM compliant browser to function.
Only supports one set of selects on the page.

Dynamic Selects Quick Guide

  1. Click on the spot in the page where you want the selects to appear.
  2. Run Dynamic Selects from the command menu.
  3. Type in the name for the main and target selects (need to be unique)
  4. Type in the Text and Value for the main select
  5. Click on the Add to Main Select.
  6. Repeat prior two steps until all Main Select options are entered.
  7. Click on the first Main option in the left list box.
  8. Type in the Text and Value for the tagret select for this main option.
  9. Optionally, enter the related Optgroup name.
  10. Click on the Add to Tagret Select.
  11. Click on the next Main option in the left list box.
  12. Repeat the above four steps until all of the Main options have been setup with target option sets.
  13. Click OK.

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Dynamic Selects

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Dynamic Selects



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