Dynamic Popup

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Dynamic Popups does everything you need to provide context sensative assistance to objects on your web page. The extension can handle multiple popups or tooltips on the page.

Features of Dynamic Popups:

  1. Provides a list of all objects on the page with ID attributes set.
  2. Allows for the entry of text or HTML for the tooltip.
  3. Allows for the entry of width and height for each tooltip.
  4. Allows for the selection of a CSS class for the toolip, each tooltip can have a different CSS class or they can have the same CSS class.
  5. Fully editable - re-run the extension to edit prior tooltips or add new ones.

Requires JavaScript.
Will pass W3C validation.
Requires a modern DOM compliant browser to function.

Dynamic Popups Quick Guide

  1. Assign the objects (images, links, form fields, etc) on your page IDs
  2. Run Dynamic Popups from the command menu.
  3. Select an ID on the left list that you would like to have a tooltip for.
  4. Type in the Text for the Popup.
  5. Type in the Width and Height.
  6. Select a CSS class.
  7. Repeat the above four instructions until you've entered in all of the tooltips you would like.
  8. Click OK.

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