Dropdown Menu-List Rewrite

On screen magic - no server required!

Dropdown Menu-List Rewrite changes a secondary select dependent upon the selection of a primary select's value. All without a server being involved. Loads the source select's text and values. Sets up the target select's text and values paired up with the source select's individual entries. Manages all of the data in JavaScript

Requires a JavaScript enabled browser

Dropdown Menu-List Rewrite Quick Guide:

  1. Setup a form with two dropdown lists on the page, populate the first dropdown.
  2. Select the first dropdown and open the Dropdown behavior (under the kaos menu in the behaviors panel).
  3. Load the extension
  4. Select an option from the top list (which you entered in step 1).
  5. Enter a value and label and click Add.
  6. Repeat for all options dependent on the selected option in the first box. For example, if you had automobile manufacturers in the first box and Ford was your first entry, you would enter F150, Explorer, Mustang in the entries (one at a time), then select Nissan and enter Altima, Quest, xTerra for that entry.
  7. Select the target dropdown.
  8. Click OK.

"Here's the secret to finishing that first book. Don't rewrite as you go."
Laurell K. Hamilton

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Dropdown Menu-List Rewrite

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Dropdown Menu-List Rewrite



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