Date Insertion

Datestamp your website in seconds!

Insert the current date on your webpage in a localized language* format in seconds with this extension. You can also set it up with a CSS style, if you want it to!

Requires JavaScript
* as long as your language is Albanian, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Macedonian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish or Swedish.

Date Insertion Quick Guide:

  1. Click on your page where you want the date to go.
  2. Select Date Insertion from the command menu, under the submenu.
  3. Pick the order of the date elements along with the delimeters that go between each element.
  4. Select a language.
  5. Select the CSS.
  6. Click OK.

"Today was tomorrow yesterday, funny how time slips away"
Ozzy Osbourne

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Date Insertion

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Date Insertion