Continual Scroller

A series of images that will scroll ... forever!

Continual Scroller puts a scrolling section of images on the page where the images continue to scroll repeatedly without a "reset" where the list of images jerk back to the start of the image list.

Requires JavaScript
Placed in a absolutely positioned DIV. Requires a wrapper DIV to be in a fluid layout.

Features of Continual Scroller:

  1. Easy image selection and list control.
  2. Select either top to bottom horizontal or right to left vertical scrolling.
  3. Link the images and have the links popup or be in the same window.
  4. Control the display spacing and colors.
  5. Easily edited after placement for tweaks and image list alterations.

Continual Scroller Quick Guide

  1. Round up the images in a folder .
  2. Select the spot on the page to put Continual Scroller.
  3. Run Continual Scroller.
  4. Add Images, links and alt tags.
  5. Select the scroller style, speed, spacing and position.
  6. Click OK! You're done.

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