Caps and Case Change

Modify text in a click!

Change the capitalization of a selected block of text in Dreamweaver. Great for text copied from another source that doesn't have the case set as needed. You can make the text all CAPS, lowercase, first letter of each work capitalized or just the first letter of the first word.

Works in source view only on block elements.
Any proper names will have their case changed as well according to the selection.
Works locally only - does not put any code in the page nor works on the Internet.

Caps and Case Change Quick Guide:

  1. Load a page from your current site.
  2. Click on the Code view.
  3. Select a section of text in a <p> or <td> or some other block level element.
  4. Run the command under the panel in the Command Menu.
  5. Select the text modification.
  6. Click OK.

"Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal."
Arthur Schopenhauer

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Caps and Case Change

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Caps and Case Change