Add Fields

Dyanmic field creation!

Do you need to add form fields to your page to handle an unknown number of entries for a specific field?  Add Fields is the answer!  Add Fields will add a new textfield to your form when the visitor selects the more fields button.  The fields are incrementally numbered so you can easily process the information on your back end processing.  You can attach this behavior to a button, link, image or anything that you can click on in the browser.

The script requires a JavaScript enabled browser to work.

Add Field Quick Guide:

  1. Load a page from your current site.
  2. Setup a form with the field you need to duplicate.
  3. Name the field so it ends with a "1" (exampe: name1) .
  4. Select Add Fields from the Behaviors panel.
  5. Select the field and enter a label .
  6. Click OK.

"Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are."
Bertolt Brecht

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Add Fields

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Add Fields